Nutrition for your mind, body, & spirit.


The link between diet and health is definitive. Science has made significant progress in understanding human health and the effects of food and diet, but all this knowledge can still be hard to turn into healthy action. With emphasis on plant-based nutrition, Prana Nutrition practices mindful and practical nutrition to promote both physical and mental well-being. Get ready to live vibrantly in your body!

As a Registered Dietitian I can show you that eating nourishing, whole, plant-based foods can transform your well-being on all levels (mind-body-spirit). I'm here to help you take your health and wellness to the next level by optimizing the way you think about food. Contact me to get started on your path to health!



See what clients are saying!

What can I say about the diet that saved my life?
Over two years ago I was diagnosed with SLE lupus. I was recommended multiple treatment options, and most didn’t help at all. I’ve been taking unprecedented amounts of medications to try to suppress my immune system, in the hopes of finding relief.
When I began LEAP my symptom survey was 134. After 10 days my score was 11! I began to see improvements very quickly and this became my motivation for success. Foods I thought I couldn’t live without became foods I didn’t crave it all. I lost 18 lbs. as a side effect but it wasn’t because of lack of calories.
Now I’m a different person. I’m on half the amount of medications I was before and my chemo dose is lowered to the smallest amount they can prescribe.
Jen was so helpful and supportive, I could not have done it without her. I am grateful every day that she helped me find an answer, and resolve what I was going through. I couldn’t be more grateful for LEAP!
— Elizabeth Pelaez, LEAP client
My doctor referred me to Jennifer and after meeting with her, I’m glad he did! I’ve wanted to make the switch to a plant-based diet for a while and have been taking small steps towards that. Jennifer helped me complete that goal. She’s knowledgeable, open, friendly and passionate about what she does. That comes through in her enthusiasm and willingness to share information and answer questions. I appreciate her approach and would recommend contacting her if you need help making a smart, informed switch to a plant-based lifestyle.
— Karen Sawicki, plant-based client
Jennifer was fantastic. Very down to earth and easy to talk to. I was looking for a vegan dietitian to provide me some pointers and information. I would recommend her to anyone. Vegan or not!
— Fernando Perez, vegan client